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Looking back to look ahead

Looking Back to Look Ahead

While the events of this year were unexpected and have tested all of us, it’s important to remember that business cycles have come and gone many times before – and prospects and fortunes are often restored or built by those who plan during times of uncertainty.

Book Review: Talent is Never Enough by John Maxwell

Dr. John Maxwell is an international authority on Leadership. Inc Magazine chose him as the best leadership expert in the world. Maxwell’s numerous books have sold around 20 million copies.

Maxwell contends that the choices people make, and not merely the skills they inherit, shape their success. “It’s what you add to your talent that makes the greatest difference.”

Talent is often overrated or misunderstood. According to internationally renowned management expert, Peter Drucker, there is little correlation between a person’s intelligence and their effectiveness. This seems to be supported by the revelation that more than 50% of Fortune 500 CEOs had a C or C- average in college.

5 Steps Leaders Take to Solve Tough Problems

As businesses worldwide face an uncertain future, much of the rhetoric we see in the current situation hinges on hope.

While we all hope things will improve, and that relief is just around the corner, for business owners and executives, weathering the Covid-19 storm means taking decisive actions.

How to use this time to build a better business

Uncertainty is not a comfortable state for any business owner to be in, but what businesses do during this unpredictable time will determine not only how they emerge on the other side, but whether they are in a position to grow in the months and years ahead.