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When applied correctly, franchising is proven to be one of the most effective growth strategies available. It’s no coincidence that it’s the growth model that has been employed by many of the most successful businesses in Australia and internationally.

Franchising offers an effective and versatile model for duplicating a successful business model, with the added benefits of:

  • Providing capital for expansion, without diluting ownership.
  • Sourcing owner operators who are committed to their customers.
  • Enabling efficient and streamlined expansion into interstate and international markets.
  • Providing greater advertising and marketing capabilities.
  • Facilitating vertical integration for products and services
  • Growing a larger and more valuable business that can eventually be sold.

Every client who wants to pursue franchising undergoes a feasibility study, which is a comprehensive analysis of their business and its suitability for franchising. If the feasibility study proves positive, I work with my client to develop their franchising strategy and guide them through every stage of building and launching their franchise.

If the feasibility study proves negative, I mentor my client to put the necessary plan, actions and people in place to progress them to a position where franchising is feasible, or help them to pursue an alternative growth path. A feasibility study provides business owners with clarity about where they are in relation to their goals.