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Looking back to look ahead

Looking Back to Look Ahead

While the events of this year were unexpected and have tested all of us, it’s important to remember that business cycles have come and gone many times before – and prospects and fortunes are often restored or built by those who plan during times of uncertainty.

For every challenge, there is always a lesson to learn and a chance for growth.

And as we welcome the end of a difficult year, we’re offered a collective moment to rest, recharge and reframe. 

A time for reflection

For business owners and leaders, December may be a period when work slows down in preparation for the holidays or is ramping up for the seasonal peak.

Regardless of whether things are winding down or it’s a frantic dash to the finish, it’s crucial to take time to reflect on the year that’s been. 

Now, this reflection doesn’t need to be anything epic. A group wrap-up discussion with your team – or even 15 minutes alone to jot down thoughts can generate valuable insights, leading to better business performance in the new year.

Celebrating all victories and breakthroughs, even the small ones, will go a long way in propelling you and your team to achieving more. 

A time for rest

It’s important to give yourself the gift of restorative downtime this holiday season. Remember – how can a tired brain ever generate fresh ideas? 

Of course, rest doesn’t necessarily mean doing nothing and being idle, but it’s essential to unwind and disconnect from business life somewhat, even for a short period of time. 

It’s a known fact that many successful founders, innovators and leaders set aside large chunks of quality time to simply think – reading, journaling and strategising. They attribute great ideas to times of rest, relaxation and less activity. 

Effective downtime should also involve some form of physical exertion, whether that’s a long walk, a swim or a bike ride. Exercise and activity go hand in hand to balance out higher brain-strenuous tasks. 

A time to look ahead

Research has shown us that of the 3% of people who put pen to paper to write down their goals, they account for 98% of the wealth globally. 

So, grab your notepad – now is the time to be optimistic and set yourself some brave New Year goals. 

List a few key goals and map out the steps to achieve them. Think of the small, short term actions that you can progressively push ahead to activate your bigger picture objectives.

Be critical too in identifying any talent, knowledge or resource gaps – and seek to compensate for those in the upcoming year. 

You could also consider committing to doing at least one new or uncomfortable thing per week. And though you may initially feel awkward or self-conscious, this task has a profound ability to expand your boundaries and possibilities.


Finally, no matter how you look back on 2020 – it is a testament to your strength and resilience to be still be standing. Be proud of your hard work, your sacrifices and for coming through it. 

Now it’s time to rest, reflect and map out your plan for future success.