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Business Growth

Business growth may not take the form of franchising, that’s just one way forward. I’ve worked with many clients who aspire to grow without franchising and others that want to develop their business to a point where franchising is feasible. What separates thriving businesses from floundering businesses is:

Vision and strategy

Clarity about what success looks like for a business is critical. Without a clear focus, it’s inevitable that time and energy will be wasted on activities that don’t contribute to its overall success. In helping my clients to grow, I work with them to develop a clear vision for their business and detailed plans to allow them to realise this.

Leadership and culture

Leadership and culture are critical areas that I work with my clients to address so that they are free to focus on growth, can create a desirable workplace for talented people and can confidently take time out from the business.

The right people

Having the right people in place is the only way to grow a sustainable business and give the owners precious thinking time and the luxury of doing more of the work they enjoy. Finding, developing and retaining the best people is one of the most important roles a business leader has, and one that I support my clients in ongoing.

Structure and systems

“Great businesses are built by ordinary people doing extraordinary things with the help of proven systems. Systems help compensate for the disparity of skills, experience and personalities.” – Toyota Motor Corporation

Often it takes the perspective of an outsider looking in to recognise where systems and structures aren’t working. I help my clients build a strong organisational structure and to improve current systems so that they are robust and the business is scalable for growth.