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Kerrie Burzacott

Owner, Homemakers Wodonga Albury and Gallus & Rea Design Furniture

Albury, New South Whales

Kerrie and her partner Russ engaged me as a business mentor in 2013, and most important to their business at that point in time was to put a clear plan in place. For the past three years, I’ve worked with them on realising this plan, which has seen them review their alliance partnerships, strengthen their organisational structure – including the creation of job descriptions for everyone in the business including them as directors – introduce KPIs and build capability within their team to allow Kerrie and Russ to work on the important things and to have a break.

In just over three years, these changes have resulted in better recruiting practices, a rich workplace culture, a stellar team and record sales. In 2016, Kerrie and Russ opened a second store, Gallus + Rea in Albury, took a holiday and recorded their best sales year yet since they started eight years ago.

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“Working with Sergio over the past three years has helped us to lay the foundations for a growing business. During this time, he has assisted us in negotiating an attractive long-term lease, secure funding, put in place a capable leadership team, open a second store and enjoy an overseas holiday.

With these cornerstones in place we have seen solid growth in both revenue and profit, capped off by three national awards in the past twelve months.  All of this may seem fundamental, but when you are working inside your business seven days a week, it’s easy to lose focus.”

Kerrie Burzacott, Homemakers Wodonga Albury and Gallus & Rea Design Furniture