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Bruce Waddington

Director and Co-owner, Geotech Information

Mt Waverley, Victoria

I started working with Bruce and his co-directors at Geotech in 2016. The business is a market leader that had been running successfully for 15 years, however was very dependent on its three directors, making it difficult to grow the business and allow adequate time for planning without jeopardising client service.

We worked together to develop and implement a long-term strategic plan. Job roles progressively became clearer, systems were documented and new staff recruited. A more robust structure has allowed team members to be more productive and allowed the directors more time to work on the business.

“As part owner and Managing Director of Geotech Information Services, I can vouch for the enormous value Sergio Alderuccio has added to our business.

In the two years, we have been working with Sergio we have seen our revenue more than double. More importantly, however, Sergio has helped us to set the foundations and implement the systems that will allow us to grow our business even further in the future.

From setting a clear strategic direction, assisting with resourcing and company structures to providing advice on achieving a quality work-life balance, Sergio’s experience and supportive approach have delivered beyond our expectations. Sergio has become an invaluable member of the Geotech team and I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

Bruce Waddington, Geotech Information